Favorite Character On Spongebob

My favorite show is spongebob, i think Spongebob totally represents my personality.  He’s bubbly and funny but still is smart and can withstand a job.  Though I do not flip Krabby Patties I would like to.  People think Krabby Patties are burgers but i don’t think so.  It think that they are a more complicated and more delicious then a regular hamburger.  I think that people should start making Krabby Patties instead of burgers.  I also think I could be Spongebob because my best friend loves spongebob and I think she represents Patrick except that she could hold a job too.  Spongebob also has a laugh that makes other people laugh and that’s exactly what I have.  Spongebob also loves his neighbors and so do I!  Except my neighbors like me too, at least I think so.  Anyway,  I also think that Spongebob represents me because he loves his pet.  I love my pets but really who doesn’t love their pets?  One thing that Spongebob and I don’t have in common is that he lives in a pineapple and I don’t.  He also loves slumber parties and so do I!  He loves people for who they are and I do too.  I hate it when someone isn’t themselves.  I hate it when someone is trying to be different to be popular.  Spongebob is also nice, I would like to say I am too but that would sound selfish.  Spongebob goes to school and never gives up.  Neither do I, and everyone, I think, should do that too.  Spongebob always likes to help people and I do too.  It makes me feel responsible.    Spongebob also lets friends help him instead of just being independent and I think that is good sometimes.  Not all the time but some of it.  Anyway thanks for reading!  Please post in my comments which character represents you and why.  And if you think Spongebob doesn’t represent me please say which character does.  I love you readers!  Thanks for reading!


Sincerely, Katie    Blog Ya Later  (:

Movie Reviews #3

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 2:  This Movie Is Amazing?  How DO They Do It? Special Effects………It Is The Reason I Hope You See The Movie.  It Was A Little Confusing but The Special Effects!  Oh My Gosh! I Give It An A-.  🙂

X-Men First Class:  I Love This Movie. If I Could Be One Of Them I Would!  This Movie Practically Explains The Surprise That Happened When JFK Was President And The Bad Guys Were Going To Explode Cuba And You Know That Fun Stuff.  It Was Really Cool And You Should See It!  B+ Definitely!


Thats All For Now!  Any Movies You Want Me To Review?  Just Leave The Title In My Comments!  Hope My Reviews Help You Pick Which Movie Your Gonna See Next!


Blog Ya Later!  Katie 🙂

Hi Again!!

Yes the school year has ended (And is about to start again)but I’m not going to stop writing!  I hope you continue to comment and ask questions!  I love replying and knowing that you guys like what i write!  Keep checking my blog i have A LOT to talk about all the time!  So comment, ask questions, give me advice, whatever you think i need!  And some big news!  Are you ready!  Ingrid And I Have Finally Made Gigglebox.com!Except That’s Not What Its Called!  The site is WWW.gigglebox101.webs.com!  Its filled with awesome stuff! So play the games and comment and read! And PLEASE don’t stop reading my blog I have a lot in store!


Blog Ya Later!  Katie  🙂


Sorry to my commenters and fellow bloggers who go to my school, the Gigglebox Incorporation Products have been closed due to disruption in the regular lunch periods.  We are working hard to set up a new stand outside of school.  We are also working ASAP to get www.gigglebox.biz up and running on the Internet.  It is not a website at the moment but we are trying to use the fifty three dollars we earned in the first (and last) two weeks of Gigglebox.  Thank you buyers and please keep checking my blog for updates on the dilemma.  I want tell you that you business closing is not the doing of any teacher or principal.   Since our El center is closing due to money complications.  Thank you for understanding.

Katie   Blog Ya Later  🙂

More Movie Reviews!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2:  I give it a 5 out of 10.  I thought they shouldn’t have made a second movie.  This movie wasn’t very funny to me.  The person who plays Greg was not the right choice. So all in all i give it a C+.

Soul Surfer: I give it a 8 ina half out of 10!  This was very good in my opinion.It gave hope and radiated love and compassion.  I give it a B+!

HANNA:  I give it a 7.  It was ok.  kind of strange but good and different.  I give it a B.

Katie’s Movie Review

Hi everybody.  I’m doing a new segment about the latest movies.  So here I go:

Beastly:  I give this a solid six in a half out of ten.  It is a love story but you don’t totally feel like they NEED to be together. I also felt that the story was a little off at parts and I didn’t think that Vanessa Hudgens was the right choice.  So I give it a C.

Red Riding Hood:  I give this a three in a half.  It was stupid and confusing.  Some parts I was laughing because of its stupidity.  Same thing with Beastly, when Red Riding Hood was falling in love with a boy you didn’t feel like they needed to be together.  Also they named Red Riding Hood Valerie!?  Why Valerie?  I give this a D-.

Rango:  I give this movie a eight in a half.  The animation was AMAZING!  The voices were perfect and the characters had the perfect voices.  The story line had a little trouble and the main idea was off, but other than that it was funny and really cool looking.  I give it a B+.

HOP:  I give this movie a six.  The animation was off and I didn’t like the story.  There was an occational funny part but I didn’t like it.I think they tried a little to hard to top off all the other animation movies that have come out fairly recently.  I give it a C-.

Well that is my movie reviews.  Thank you for listening and if you have different opinions, comment and I will reply.  Thank you!

-Katie     Blog Ya Later   🙂

FINALLY!!! 50 ways to climb the stairs!!!!

Yes my fellow bloggers!!  I have finally completed 50 ways!  I wrote them down and then tried them out on my stairs.  They consist of random ways and not just run up the stairs and walk up the stairs.  There are ways like jumping rope up the stairs and using your right hand and left foot only to walk up the stairs.  It is soooooooo awesome!  my commenters should make their own and you all should too!!   Thanks for listening!! Comment and later I will write the whole list of ways later!

-Katie     Blog ya later!!   🙂

10 ways to make yourself happy!

Here are ten ways to make yourself happy.

1.  Have a doughnut with rainbow sprinkles.

2.  Draw a picture of a fat baby.

3.  Make a movie about the sport of giggling.

4.  Make a peanut batter and jelly sandwich in the shape of a smiley face.

5.  Make chocolate chip cookies.

6.  Use a camera to take secret spy pictures of your family and neighbors.

7.  Make a colleague with the words “happy” all over it. (cut the word “happy” from magazines.)

8.  Make a sugar cookie pizza.

9.  Prank call your grandma.

10. Come on my blog and my friend’s blogs and see our most recent posts.

Talent Show At My School

Guess what?!  The talent show is TONIGHT!!!!!  And I am soooo excited!  I will be performing a dance to the awesomely cool song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. I am doing that with my sister, Lizzie.  I am also singing a solo song called Winter Song By Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles.  I am really excited but I am also really nervous.  My friends are also in it.  It is at 6:00 p.m.  and we get out of school at 3:10 p.m. so I barely have any time to get ready.  Anyway I am soooo nervous!!  Wish me luck in my comments.  I hope I don’t get stage fright.  I never forget the words but sometimes my voice is shaky!  I hope I can do and not bail out!  Anyway I will talk to you later!

-Katie 🙂